“Discover Excitement at Travemünde Casino | Ultimate Guide”


Nestled along the scenic coast of the Baltic Sea, Travemünde is not just known for its picturesque views and sandy beaches, but also for its vibrant casino scene. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about visiting and enjoying the Travemünde casino. From planning your trip to exploring the games and amenities, here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide for you.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Planning Your Visit

Before you head to the casino, you need to make sure everything is set up for a smooth visit:

  • Check the Casino Hours: Visit the official website to review operational hours and any special events happening during your visit.
  • Dress Code: Travemünde casino enforces a semi-formal dress code. Ensure you have the proper attire before you arrive.
  • Identification: A valid ID is required for entry, so remember to bring your passport or driver’s license.

Step 2: Getting There

There are multiple ways to reach the Travemünde casino:

  1. By Car: Travemünde is accessible via the A1 and B75 highways. Ample parking is available near the casino.
  2. By Train: The casino is a short walk from the Travemünde Strand train station. Check Deutsche Bahn for schedules.
  3. By Ferry: For a scenic route, take a ferry from nearby ports like Lübeck.

Tip: Consider booking accommodations close to the casino for a more relaxed experience, especially if you plan to enjoy the nightlife.

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Step 3: Exploring the Casino

Once inside, here are some key activities to enjoy:

  • Table Games: The casino offers classics like roulette, blackjack, and poker.
  • Slot Machines: With a wide variety of modern slots, there’s something for everyone.
  • Dining: Enjoy gourmet meals and drinks at the on-site restaurant and bar.

Step 4: Maximizing Your Experience

Make the most of your time at the casino by following these tips:

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  • Join the Loyalty Program: This can offer perks such as bonus play, discounts, and exclusive invites.
  • Participate in Events: Check the event calendar for tournaments, theme nights, and live entertainment.
  • Take Breaks: Regularly step outside to enjoy the sea breeze and relax amid the beautiful surroundings.

Insider Tip: Schedule your visit during weekday afternoons when it’s less crowded for an optimal gaming experience.

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Step 5: Staying Safe

Your safety and well-being are paramount:

  • Mind Your Belongings: Always keep an eye on your personal items and use the casino’s cloakroom if needed.
  • Responsible Gambling: If you feel you’re losing control, contact the casino’s responsible gambling service or BZgA.
  • COVID-19 Guidelines: Follow any health guidelines provided by the casino, such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.


Travemünde casino offers a delightful blend of excitement, luxury, and scenic beauty. From planning your trip to making the most of the games and amenities, this guide covers everything to ensure a spectacular casino experience. Remember, whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, play responsibly and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Travemünde.