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I’m Monica Evans, Career and Executive Coach, Spiritual Director, Business and Branding Strategist.

I’m so GLAD you are here! Sacred Work is about finding the work that is most fulfilling for you and fits with the life you want to live.

For years, I have been a student of human development, spirituality, and corporate (public, social and private) systems. Over time I have been pinpointing the things that drive human decision-making and human development.

Why do we do the things that we do? Because we are looking for something– a feeling, an experience — that we so seldom know how to articulate, but we recognize when we are in it. I believe we are all in a search for meaning. Many, if not all, of our actions are driven by a need to be a part of something meaningful.

Even our work (our careers, our volunteer working, our passion projects) is subject to our quest for meaning. Why do you do the work that you do? What do you want to contribute to the world?

Unfortunately, many of us have fallen into work that does not bring us any joy– work that we are not suited for.

In my own life, I had a job where every night I went to sleep with sleeping pills and bottles of wine, and I woke up in the morning jealous of the construction worker that I passed on my way to work who was responsible for turning the “Slow/Stop” sign. I hated my work that much.  I know what it feels like to work a job that feels like a slow death.

In 2009, when the recession hit, I was finishing my first graduate degree and found myself on the job market again. It was miserable. I was doing all the things that “they” tell you to do to get hired, but nothing worked. I had to learn a whole new skill set to get myself hired. I found myself talking to my classmates and friends about their own desires for better work, more meaningful  work, and more lucrative work.

Sacred Work comes out of those and many other conversations that I have had with job seekers and career searcher over the past few years.

I use my expertise to help individuals stop feeling the frustration and disappointment of working a job that kills them a little bit inside. I help you create and execute a plan to get your next job– the job that you were made for in this moment.

I am a catalyst for your dreams, helping you find and pursue your best work. Learn more about individual coaching.

I also help organizations do their best work.  I facilitate Board retreats, teach leadership courses, and provide training for teams and departments. I’m also passionate about inclusion and diversity — making sure that organizations provide welcoming and productive work spaces where all employees can flourish. Learn more about my work with organizations.

I am currently accepting clients for one on one coaching sessions, group coaching sessions, and workshops. I would love to facilitate Career Discovery or Elemental Spiritual Leadership workshops for your group. Learn more about group coaching. 



PS: I’m also developing a 9 month leadership course for women, tentatively titled CEO School. Sign up here for more information.







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